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  • SAD Buster!

    SAD Buster!

    If you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, one thing is so sure, you have unbearable pasts that you cannot take, that you are not at peace with.

  • ADDICTION Buster!

    ADDICTION Buster!

    If you're an addiction sufferer, surely you have unbearable emotions or feelings you're escaping from.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Treatment Through EFT, NLP
and Life Coaching

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  • Dante has been great in helping me use some pretty innovative techniques to help lower my anxiety and strengthen other beliefs.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other type of emotional struggles.  If you are frustrated about where you are and ready to change, Dante can definitely help you!
    Matt - USA, Graduate Student
  • Now I know I have the tools in reprogramming the pains in my past. I claim my healing … I know I’m still bipolar but I’m not depressed anymore. I just knew I’m better than before.
    Armand P., Internet Entrepreneur / former Technical Operations Lead
  • My dark past that used to haunt me and caused me to have sleepless nights is just nothing, doesn't affect me anymore. Thank you Kuya Dante!
    Eds - Philippines, Professional Home Maker
  • I love dogs! I would love to have dogs! :) Had an unexpected eft session with Kuya Tatay yesterday, very effective! Haha reimprinting memories does work! Now, I love dogs and very excited to have one!
    Rio - Philippines, Virtual Assistant Manager
  • This morning, I left our house with a heavy feeling in my chest and I know that it is resentment. I went to Golden haven, its a cemetery, it is a peaceful place with trees and birds that are chirping. Its a haven, indeed. But, even though the place is peaceful, whats within me is hell, anger and hate. Its really depressing for me, it is the root of my depression. Then, I decided to meditate. After meditating I did tapping. I followed sir dante's instruction in tapping, while tapping the anger I felt a sense of ease. I know myself, I dont want to be reigned by resentments and I just want to be free from this painful feeling. I let go of the negatives thoughts and people who are responsible for my anger. I choose peace and forgiveness instead. After some tapping, I felt no more anger. At first it was difficult because there is always a part of that resists from letting of these things but I know myself, I also forgive that part of me. After all the tapping. I became happy and at ease. I went home happy and enthusiastic to life, and I listen to music and it seems that every tone is absorbed, I feel euphoric while listening. I never been this happy and free. And not being dependent to my antidepressant. Because of EFT, I learn to be myself, I saw my higher self. I saw heaven in this earth.
    Kokomban - Philippines, Psychology Student

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