Car Wash Day with Fay

Can I be brutally honest? Ok, this is my first ever, in the entire life of about 4 years of our second car named Fay, that I personally have ever went with her for a car wash, ever. Thanks to my brothers-in-law and nephews, they are the caring people being with Fay through the years.

It’s not in me to really be meddling with cars, motors, machines, promise 🙂

A while ago, Fay and I had an intimate time with each other at the car wash nearby. She wasn’t totally dirty, I was not even convinced she needs a wash. So prior to her being bathed, I had to buy a snack in Alfamart just to ready myself to wait for an hour.

And after an hour of waiting … know what? Fay was as stunning as when I first met her with my wife Judz in the showroom in Ford Makati, way back 2015! Surely I am falling in love with her again. 🙂


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