November 2018 Quality Time

Wow! Fresh veggies in Marcelo Village. Thanks to Nanay from Tanauan Batangas who with her family comes every Sunday and brings fresh goodies nearby. So before a bit of walking and stretching, bili muna ng mga sariwang gulay 😊

For most of us, we trade our time for money, as we spend more time working in our jobs, so our dreams for our family be realized and achieved. But as we witnessed stories after stories from many people who went ahead of us, only few among them made it to their goals, often at their retirement age, only then they tried to enjoy life, tried traveling with their families, when joints are already aching, when maintenance meds are already taking its toll on their health.

In our local communities, we thought only those who are literally going abroad for work suffer from quality time deficiency with our loved ones, not realizing even us who are able to go home each night from work also are suffering from such disease.

Realizing such fact, that we are running the rat race for the longest time, for us it’s about time to do something different, so drastically different, that it will warrant new expectations, new results.

Cheers to all!


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