Free Love

I was asking for my bill while reaching for the money in my backpack’s side pocket to pay for my ordered Siomai with rice, then Ate said, “wala ng bayad, pamasko na namin sayo yan …” … not really sure if I heard her right, so I asked again, “Ate, magkano po ulit?”. Then she reiterated that there’s no need to pay, it’s their gift to me this Christmas, and only then I had noticed their hats … And Ate knew I was so surprised, she did laugh at me as to how my reaction was …

It was a BIG WOW! So wow, that earlier Jesus told me not to eat inside the Gilmore I.T. Center but to find another place to eat, which was why I met Ate and Kuya. Jesus amazed me, really.

Ate shared that for 7 years, she was given opportunity to sell in that area, while it’s been for 15 years for Kuya, and giving away food and drinks is their way of giving back, as being grateful people to what God gave them.

Blessing to this wonderful people … massive love in Jesus!


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